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Smart Somatics, Feldenkrais Newcastle upon tyne

Wayne Farrage

I began as a Sports Massage Therapist way back in 1991, then moved onto Sports Therapy and am now specialising as a Feldenkrais Practitioner.  For many years while working as a Sports Therapist I often thought there was a missing element to rehabilitation i.e. "why would one person recover from an injury quicker and more efficiently than another".  This led me to study countless other treatment modalities and scientific research to help find a solution. 

Wayne Farrage Smart Somatics Feldenkrais

A theme I encountered time and time again was how the principles of brain based strategies and "Neuroplasticity" were being used very effectively in rehabilitation.  I thought “how do we effectively involve the brain in rehabilitation?"   And the answer was by targeting the nervous system that controls the movement and treating the "whole person".  This seemed obvious to me to be the way forward.


With this is mind I started to research and become passionate by the ideas and benefits of The Feldenkrais Method.  In 2005 I arranged a meeting with a Feldenkrais Practitioner in London called Scott Clark.  I left feeling very confused but incredibly light and easy in my movement.  This was the turning point for me and I remember thinking "this is what I need in my life and work in my future".  After this I embarked on  and successfully completed a 4 year Feldenkrais Practitioner course, and will continue learning and developing at an advanced level in the Feldenkrais community.  Using this knowledge I can now incorporate the brain based concepts into my current working practises and have started to see incredible results.  Furthermore, over the last 20 years there has been a huge amount of research on this subject and the experts’ opinion is very clear.  This is the area where we need to work in order to have more effective treatment results.


 Working at an elite performance level has allowed me to collaborate with other elite professionals, which has helped me develop my skills in functional movement.  I now work predominantly in the Private Clinic environment, which has enabled me to use this knowledge to treat a variety of issues and problems with a much wider spectrum of the population.  


I established “Smart Somatics” so I could develop my passion for Feldenkrais further and help people, who ordinarily, would not have access to an Elite Performance Practitioner.  I am passionate about helping clients discover what they are capable of, whether this be assisting sports people improve their performance, helping those with neurological or movement disorders, and generally helping anyone to move easier and achieve an enhanced quality of life.    


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