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Pain & Injury

Woman with Back Pain

Improve pain, posture and injury. Break old habits and get back the life you once had.

The Feldenkrais method is a powerful tool in the fight against pain and injury. At Smart Somatics, I use this technique to help clients achieve optimal health and wellness.


I believe that pain and discomfort are not your enemies but rather your body’s natural response to stress. Pain signals you to stop, assess what’s going on, and take care. If you don’t, the pain and discomfort increase until they become chronic; your brain learns that pain is “normal.”  The more you resist, the more you tighten, the more you tighten, the more restricted your movements, and the more uncomfortable you become.  


I use a unique and holistic approach to help you learn to move more comfortably, and effectively.  By teaching you how to recognise and release unnecessary tensions, you can enrich your mind-body connection and feel more in control of your own healing process.

Gentle guided movements help prevent injuries, restore mobility, and repair existing injuries. My approach is person centred, focusing on your unique needs, goals, and abilities. I strongly believe in the power of the body to heal itself, and work to support you on that journey.

It can be hard to trust our bodies when we’re hurting or are afraid of getting hurt. We tense our muscles and hold our skeleton together, rather than using it as a frame to support us. As we get stuck in these patterns, our movements become more and more limited – and the pain can become chronic.

I believe that a holistic approach to physical health is essential to overall wellness. The Feldenkrais method is a gentle and effective form of therapy aimed at helping people relieve pain and tension throughout their body. By working with the central nervous system, I help clients unlearn harmful patterns that inhibit movement and perpetuate pain. My approach is designed to provide long-lasting relief while empowering you to take control of your own physical health.

Client Testimonial

"I had a routine accident when I was 19. The accident seemed minor at the time but over the years the effects of the accident have taken their toll.  45 years after the accident my mobility had become a painful mess.  I wish I had come to see Wayne Farrage of Smart Somatics years ago.  I have seen many physiotherapists over the years (both NHS and private) and no matter how good they have been , none  improved me.


The Feldenkrais work which Wayne has done with me has, in contrast, absolutely transformed my movement and eliminated most of the pain.  I have no doubt that as I continue working with Wayne my mobility will increase even further and the pain will disappear completely.

One of Wayne`s great strengths is his ability to communicate what he is doing in therapy and why, and he has endless patience in answering questions.  Wayne is very easy to get along with personally and it is a pleasure to work with him.  I can  highly recommend Wayne without reservation."

John Clark

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