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Ageing With Vitality


Move more comfortably &
think more clearly 

Smart Somatics specialises in the Feldenkrais Method, a gentle approach to movement that encourages mindfulness, curiosity, and pain-free exploration of the body. Feldenkrais is a game-changing method that has been designed to help us age with vitality. I can help you move more freely and break out of lifelong movement habits that restrict your mobility.


By using a unique combination of movement and cognitive exercises, Feldenkrais can help you maintain better cognitive function and keep your mind sharp. With Feldenkrais, you can stay active, healthy, and full of vitality at any age


The sessions are designed to help you break free of habitual movement patterns that restrict your mobility and cause pain, and to help you move with ease and grace. My focus is on quality of movement, rather than quantity or force, you can learn to move with greater ease and comfort, and to release tension and pain that has been holding you back. 

You’d think we’d get better at ageing as life goes on, but as we get older, we start to lose things — the ends of sentences, status as a working person, friends, relatives and confidence in our balance. Movement is essential to our overall well-being, it gives us confidence purpose and fulfilment.  Through intentional and controlled movements, clients improve their range of motion, posture, and balance while reducing pain and tension.


Sessions provide specific help for age-related limitations, aimed at solving those obstacles, so you can live your best life, no matter your age.  If you are experiencing limitations or pain that keeps you from enjoying your life fully, then get in touch, take control of your physical and mental health, and unlock your full potential to live a more vibrant life.

Client Testimonial

"Wayne Farrage: a highly qualified professional with a vast knowledge of Feldenkrais Therapy, Anatomy and Physiology. He has the ability to improve lives through his skills and dedication to his client’s wellbeing.

After struggling to walk for many years as a result of a spinal injury which left me with a weakness down my right side and a more recent stroke, I was told about Smart Somatics, and the clinics run by Wayne Farrage. Best piece of advice I have ever received!!

I have been seeing Wayne on a weekly basis for a few months and the improvement in my ability to walk and also my general outlook on life is amazing. I can walk for longer distances with no pain in my legs or back and with a much more normal gait. This is all thanks to Wayne’s vast knowledge of the principles and practices of Feldenkrais Therapy and his ability to apply them to me as an individual. He listens carefully to my movement issues and is able to apply techniques to help alleviate the problems, through manipulation of muscle tissue and training the brain and nervous system to recognise the issue. He provides me with exercises which I can do at home to help my body learn alternative ways of moving.

I leave his clinic feeling that I have achieved another step towards my goal - a healthier, more mobile, fitter me!!

I would recommend Wayne to anyone".

Ian kirkpatrick

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