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Horse Riders

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Get better at using your whole self & focus on quality.  Your horse will thank you for it. 

In locomotion, both animals and humans use several different locomotor modes (CPG’s) to meet the demand for different movement speeds.  Locomotion modes in horses have more variety, i.e., walk, trot, pace, canter, and gallop, based on different patterns of ground contact.   If the rider cannot also couple these different modes together, then movement becomes less elegant.  

Every part of the rider’s body must speak the same language in relation to their intention. We need to be clear in our communication, since we get what we ask for.

Are you stiff or sore?  Do you feel the effects of aging or injuries?  Do you wish it was easier to ride your horse? Is your horse aging, stiff, injured, or anxious?  

Benefits of the Feldenkrais Method:


Did you know that you can LEARN your way out of pain and limitation?  And, as a Feldenkrais Practitioner, I can help you do just that. 

I Can Help You:

  • Effortlessly improve your body awareness, flexibility, posture, and coordination.

  • Communicate clearly and connect deeply with your horse.

  • Help your horse feel better and move easier too.  At any age! So that riding feels good to you and your horse.   


In a nutshell, I can help you learn how to use mindful movement to increase your vitality, ease, and enjoyment of life.  You'll discover how to improve your flexibility, posture, coordination, and balance, and your horse will thank you!

Why not follow the lead of experts in the riding world like Mary Wanless, who actively promotes the use of The Feldenkrais Method to create awareness in the rider and improve function, enabling the rider to reach a higher state of communication between rider and horse.

Start by becoming the best version of yourself and your horse will happily follow.  Leading to an incredible dance that both will truly love.  


Whether you’re an accomplished rider looking to optimise your performance, someone seeking relief from chronic pain, a rider with neurological conditions, or simply curious about enhancing your body’s potential increasing your ability to follow your horse, The Feldenkrais Method welcomes you to embark on a transformative journey toward better movement and holistic wellness.

Client Testimonial

"Having tried Feldenkrais with Wayne to help my stiff hip and lower back, I’m delighted with how much my movement and comfort level has improved as well as optimistic about the possibility of substantial further improvements.  I find Wayne’s quiet confidence and competence as a practitioner very reassuring and am relieved to have found the right treatment for me as I was previously a bit stuck with my hip and back issue.


It is difficult to describe Feldenkrais, but my attempt is that Feldenkrais is a very gentle, hands-on, physical therapy which suggests a new movement pattern to areas of the body affected by old injury or non-optimal movement bad habits.  

As a doctor, I consider that there are so many aspects of musculoskeletal ill health or injury which could benefit from this treatment - as well as other fields of medicine including neurological injury/dysfunction.  I am so impressed by Feldenkrais that I’ve already recommended it to family and friends!”

Dr Louise Freeman

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