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Welcome to Smart Somatics

A Feldenkrais Therapy Practice 

 Helping You Achieve Movement Without Pain

and an Enriched Quality of Life

Wayne Farrage Feldenkrais Smart Somatics
The first step to improving your life is
improving your movement. 

Let me show you how Feldenkrais could help you: 

Like many things in life we often take good movement for granted.  During our lifetime countless events influence our movement, such as pain, injury, environment etc.  There is a tendency to carry this history as habitual movements, or “baggage” that the brain has adapted (or maladapted) in order to avoid or protect the issue.  Noticing these habits is the first step to recovery and improving your movement.  You may then be surprised by the unexpected improvements in your physical and emotional wellbeing.   

Benefits of Feldenkrais Include;

  •          Reduction of Pain

  •          Easier Movement

  •          Improved Mental Health and Wellbeing 

  •          Healthier Posture

  •          Improved Balance

  •          More Complete Self-Image 

  •          Alleviate Stress and Anxiety

  •          Increased Confidence

  •          Improved Productivity at Work        

  •          Enhanced Performance

During a session at Smart Somatics you will gain greater awareness of how you move, helping you to learn more efficient patterns of movement, which in turn assists in reduction of pain, greater movement and ease. Improvement can often be noticed in a single session. 


By exploring and developing these ideas further you can experience noticeable improvements in your physical and emotional wellbeing. This is where Feldenkrais sets itself apart from other therapies, for many people it can have a truly profound and positive effect in all aspects of their life.      

Feldenkrais has proven to benefit people of all ages.  Why not follow the lead of many people from all walks of life, including high-level performers, athletes, and the business community, who have discovered that re-learning to move can lead to increased performance, greater comfort and ease?


Smart Somatics is more than just a website full of information.  I hope it is the beginning of a conversation that will give you the knowledge that can have a profound effect on your quality of life. 


Get in touch to find out what Feldenkrais can do for you.



Wayne Farrage Feldenkrais Smart Somatics

Who Can Benefit?-Everyone!

Good Health, Fitness and Wellbeing

Do you want to attain a healthier more enriched

quality of life

Sport &


Move like a Pro.  Go to

the next level in your performance

Performing Arts

Bring something new to your craft and raise the

level of your art.

Neurological Conditions

 Have you had a Stroke, suffer from MS, Cerebral 

 Palsy, or any other neurological condition? 

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