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Back Pain Survival Guide 

If you want to move away from pain and make improvements that can literally change your life, then read on.

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Are you: -

  • Worried, that your pain is going to stop you from enjoying your future?

  • Frustrated, that you can’t do as much activity as you used to?

  • Concerned about losing your independence?

  • Wanting to avoid surgery?

  • Afraid, that the problem is going to get worse?

  • Insecure or nervous about the issue, and how that affects your confidence? 

Do you want to move from this to this  

If the answer to any of these is YES.  Then you need the Back Pain Survival Guide. This will not only help you overcome the pain, but also resolve these issues and give you greater choice and autonomy in your life.

You deserve a better life for yourself.  

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In this guide there are some very practical tips, advice and Feldenkrais principles to help you move out of back pain.  However, some people need more help. If you have tried Feldenkrais before then I don’t need to say anymore, the results will honestly speak for themselves.  Even after just one session.  But if you haven’t tried Feldenkrais before then please, get in touch, and I can help you start a journey to a better life!!! 

The Feldenkrais Method is probably different from any other treatment modality you have ever had, and during a session could give you an experience of what it could feel like to move and live without pain. 

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